Still Learning

Hey Everyone,

My name is David Down, Founder of Roamlost. I just want to say thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for all the support this community has shown us this last year.

What was suppose to just be a hobby has organically grown into something special and Im truly excited to try and take this to the next level. We have a lot to learn and Im very thankful for all the family, friends and partners we've met along the way.

We have some big plans for 2021 so please stay tuned. We're going to be more active on this platform, mailing list and blog. W're also working on getting an online event calendar for all events, Community Ambassador Program and online waivers rolled out very soon.

Stay tuned we are working slowly to bring our community some great quality products to take with you on your next clean up adventure!

Our mission is to ignite the world to keep trash off our land and out of our resources, to protect for all generations to come and to inspire through adventure.

Thank You Truly,

David Down

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